Amex Platinum Lounges

Amex Platinum Lounges

I am absolutely disgusted at DFW Centurion lounge. I am a single father traveling with my 3 children, one of whom just turned 19 years old, and the check-in staff (her name is Virginia) refused us entry unless we paid $50 for the eldest daughter (whom she said would have been free if I had said she were my “domestic partner” accompanying me with my younger children!!!). Even the telephone agent I called did not see a problem with entry, but Virginia actually argued with him to say that it was too late because I already identified my daughter as an adult child and not a “domestic partner.” When she argued the Amex phone agent to silence by pointing to “and/or” language in a policy manual, she actually handed me the phone saying “Here he is to tell you I’m right.” Just a week ago in Miami, I was told that the minor children counted as a single guest and my daughter counter as another guest, so there was no issue with Centurion access. Amex needs to teach its employees their own ridiculous legal-language policies (including the phone agents who sell you up to Platinum) and apply them evenly and sensibly across the system. Virginia was not particularly rude, but she was far from pleasant or diplomatic; rather, she was stern and actively worked to deny me entry WITH MY CHILDREN TO RUIN THE LAST DAY OF OUR FAMILY VACATION. In no way should someone like that be given a customer relationship position in a hospitality setting. Since I was not shown the manual that she relied on, I am going to take this up with my Amex corporate account representative. I canceled my personal Amex years ago because of similar nonsense from a staff member on the phone and I fully expect this employee’s forceful effort to deny me this major benefit to become an issue in whether my business continues with Amex at all. Beware with Amex… and when in doubt, just say “domestic partner.”
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Amex Platinum Lounges

Note:  There isn’t an official app for finding lounges you can access with your AMEX Platinum cards.  But you can download the LoungeBuddy app, which gives you the option to enter your credit cards and memberships, as well as your travel class and airline status!  The app will help you find any nearby lounges you can use with your various credentials.
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Amex Platinum Lounges

@Rob – Just book one way tickets. Use AA miles one direction and Amex the other. From Amex points, transfer to Delta SkyMiles or Aeroplan (access to Air Canada, United, etc). They allow one-way awards for half the price of a round trip. Be aware that for Aeroplan flights with most airlines except United and a few others have fuel surcharges on them that can add up.
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Amex Platinum Lounges

While you can access Centurion Lounges and SkyClubs just by presenting your Amex Platinum Card, you actually have to activate your Priority Pass membership. To do so, visit this page, and log-in with your American Express username and password.
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Amex Platinum Lounges

Simply present your Amex Platinum Card® at the lounge check-in desk, along with your boarding pass for travel that day. You will be granted complimentary access for yourself. Guests cost $29 each per visit at Delta Sky Clubs. At Centurion Lounges, 2 guests are complimentary.
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Amex Platinum Lounges

I think there is a mistake in the article and in some of the replies. the priority pass provided with the Amex platinum is the 99USD level card, that is given free, only allows paid access to the 600 member lounges, not free access. Pls check.
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Amex Platinum Lounges

My husband and I both have an AMEX Platinum card. We are traveling with friends to Italy on Delta Business Class and from what I have read, in order for them to accompany us into the lounges, we will pay $29 for each of them each time we wish to enter a Delta club lounge. Is that correct?
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Amex Platinum Lounges

Those with the Amex Platinum Card also get access to all Delta SkyClub locations worldwide. There are over 50 SkyClub locations around the world, though a vast majority of them are in the US. You can only access SkyClubs using the Platinum Card in conjunction with a same day, confirmed ticket on Delta. However, you can use it either on arrival or departure.
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These lounges are significantly better than most lounges operated by US airlines, as they have hot food, signature cocktails, etc. Everything in the lounges is free too.
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Generally speaking the quality of these lounges won’t be as good as those of Centurion Lounges or Delta SkyClubs, since these are mostly contract lounges. However, there are also a lot more locations. So this is a very useful option to have.
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However Amex has made a concession — you can get a $200 credit toward fees such as lounge access, change fees, or baggage fees on the airline of your choice each year. That includes Continental.
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@Adam – Yes she will get full lounge access with the additional card. As for the 5x airfare, yes that’s better than the 1x on the Business Plat, though the Business Plat gives you 50% of your points back when you book flights on a single airline you designate on Amex travel. So it’s like getting 2 cents per point, or 2x points on your spending if you decide to use the points that way.
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@Jamie – That’s correct, you need to be the primary cardholder, or he needs to pay for an ‘Additional Card’ in your name. He can call Amex to request one – it’s $175 for up to 3 of them and they can FedEx the cards.
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As for your 100k Amex points, consider transferring to ANA points to fly Turkish Airlines and United or Air Canada to connect to the Turkish flight. It will be around 85,000 miles roundtrip plus some fuel surcharges.
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The Centurion Lounges are truly a notch above most domestic U.S. lounges, which reflects their association with a premium card issuer like American Express. Guests can partake of a gourmet taco bar for breakfast and lunch at the 9,000-square-foot location in Dallas/Fort Worth as well as other rotating menu choices imagined by Chef Dean Fearing. Since the menus for each Centurion Lounge are designed by a different gourmet chef, guests will also be able to feast on the culinary delights of Scott Conant (in Las Vegas), Cedric Vongerichten (in New York-LaGuardia), Daniel Patterson (in San Francisco) and Michelle Bernstein (in Miami). Relax on one of the lounge chairs, catch up on work with the complimentary WiFi, or reserve the complimentary meeting room. A children’s room with video games and other toys is also available.
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Once you’ve activated that, you should get the card in the mail within a couple of weeks. If you want to access a Priority Pass lounge, just present your card, it’ll be swiped, and then you’ll be asked to sign (which is just to confirm your visit — you won’t be charged). Alternatively, you can get the Priority Pass app and access lounges through that, though do be aware that not all lounges accept the app.
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Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent network of airport lounges. Priority Pass members receive access to over 1,000 lounges around the world, so it’s the single most widely useful airline lounge membership you can have.
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Although these international locations may not have all amenities of the Centurion Lounges in the United States – e.g., some provide freshly prepared hot food, but at an additional charge – they remain a valuable alternative for customers who lack access to traditional airline lounges, which may be restricted to passengers in premium cabins or with elite status.
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You will see search results of the lounges in your city.  In the case of New York, there are 3 airports that serve the area, so the results show lounges for all 3 airports.
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Lounges usually offer free soft drinks, complimentary beer, wine, and well drinks, along with paid premium drink options, but at Centurion Lounges all food and premium drinks are free. Delta SkyClubs also offer soup, salad, and other light food options for free.
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The most amazing thing about the Centurion Lounges is that all of these benefits are included in the entry fee, which is waived for Platinum and Centurion Cardholders. (Other American Express Cardholders must pay $50 per person.) Yes, that means even treatments at the Exhale Spa in Dallas/Fort Worth and Miami, providing chair massages, skin treatments, and manicures – all performed by excellent professionals.
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I am considering the platinum card specifically for the lounge access. I travel standby frequently, and have heard that in order to access the Centurion lounges, the cardholder must have a boarding pass with a confirmed seat. Do I have to have a seat assignment, or is a “seat request” card sufficient for access to the Centurion lounge (particularly LGA)?
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It’s actually even more generous than the regular Platinum Card, because in addition to all the Platinum Card benefits you get 12 free Gogo wifi passes a year, which can save you hundreds of dollars on inflight wifi fees. And you get 35% of your points back more when you use them to book travel on an airline of your choice each year, all for a lower $450 annual fee.

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